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Team Homola Motorsport

Homola Motorsport is also one of the most medially known racing teams from Slovakia with a huge support from TV and radio stations, newspapers or various web portals. 

The team was founded by Jaro Homola, who raced in go karts, circuits, hill climbing and rally. He won 15x Slovak Hill Climb Champion titles. 

In 2007, Mato Homola joined the team and later on became the number one driver of the team. After a number of wins in Slovakia and Europe, Mato joined TCR International Series 2016 and officially changed teams. In 2018 Mato graduated to FIA WTCR.

In 2017, Homola Motorsport supported MX-5 Cup in Slovakia and nowadays it works in the background to support racing of Mato Homola.


For more information about Mato Homola, check out his website.

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